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Recycle Rewards is a best platform to create awareness about dry waste, wet waste and method of its segregation and to encourage recycling in India. It uses unique ways of teaching, sharing and incentivising to promote waste segregation and recycling. To brush your knowledge and engage in recycling, recycle rewards offers you to play games, can read interesting unique articles, answer quizzes and book a pick up for your dry waste.


Features & Benefits of Recycle Rewards

1. Schedule Pickup with Let’s Recycle

2. Get Notification of Events / pickup in advance.

3. Learn about Recycling DRY waste & Earn Reward Points

4. Play Games and Earn Reward Points

5. Participate in activities related to Environment & Recycling

6. Get Discounts / Gifts for Recycling and being good to Environment

Hey Recyclers! Now with Recycle Rewards you will have a chance to win exciting prizes and offers. In exchange of giving your dry waste by booking a pick and getting it collected, you earn points. You can redeem these points against several offers. Redeem your points to get your DTH recharged or pay your mobile bills. Also, win coupons of shopping and eating outlets and treat yourself to these. For all customers, Recycle Rewards brings you a chance to get yourself lucky. Customers can take part in the lucky draw by downloading the app and using it.

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